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Seal technology DIN ISO 9001-2008 German

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Seal technology DIN ISO 9001-2008 English

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Parker DIN ISO 16949 English

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Parker O-Ring DIN ISO 9001-2008 German

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Parker O-Ring DIN ISO 14001-2004 German

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Parker Packing DIN ISO 9001-2008 German

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Other certifications/approvals

FDA - § 177.2600

This covers materials for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Detailed requirements must be specified in orders and inquiries.


Identifies regulations in the food and sanitary sectors according to the requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation.


Identifies materials for use in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. In this case, the requirements are to be specified (e.g. USB Class I to VI, USP Class 26).


Materials which are to be used in the drinking water industry (cold, warm, and hot water).

3-A Sanitary

Identifies materials that are used in sanitary installations in the dairy and food industries. Classes I to IV of the 3-A Sanitary Standard Inc.


German association for gas and water (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches). Depending on the specifications, materials are required that are suitable for use in gas devices and installations, gas supply lines and long-distance gas pipelines, or in drinking water installations.


Materials which need to be suitable for use in oxygen fittings and other oxygen system parts.


Approvals for plastics that come into contact with drinking water in accordance with the British standard BS 6920 (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).


This includes materials that are used for military purposes.


Materials that are used in electrical devices and systems. This is based on the UL guidelines (Underwriters Laboratory).

Clean room solutions

Materials that need to be manufactured under clean room conditions. The exact specifications will need to be defined in detail when submitting an inquiry or an order.

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